What is it?

Micromen is a level designed after the fashion of MicroWars. It's full title would be "Micro: Men VS Mice". The primary function of microwars-type levels is that you are put against one opponent having units that are balanced in such a way that either player could win based on who "has better micro", or micromanagement skills.

How is it different?

Special Rounds

I implement several features into this level in order to "hopefully" make it enjoyable for players. First, every seventh round(7,14,21,etc) is a "special" round. All units that you have won with in the previous six rounds are stored in a special area. In the special round these units are used. The order and type of these special rounds are as follows:

7: Six player FFA - the twelve players are split into two groups (north and south) which fight until each group has a winner.

14: 12 player FFA - the twelve players all meet in the center where they are immediately thrust into a huge FFA battle.

21: Men VS Mice: 3v3 - again, the twelve are split into two groups (north and south) but they now have teams which are based on whether they were a man or mouse when they originally started the game. It is left vs right.

28: Men vs Mice: 6v6 - now, the twelve meet in the center, however, they are spaced such that every man is next to a mouse. So, you are immediately thrust into combat, though after beating the two next to you, you won't have many left to fight.

35: Men vs Mice: Portals - This starts off like a normal level. However, after beating your opponent, you go through a portal which takes you to one of the north or south squares. There you can fight opponents that are or immediately go through another portal. This final portal takes you to the center square, but this is where the game is determined. There is a giant gnoll "Mighty Mouse" and a giant militia "Superman". Whichever one is destroyed first, the other team takes the win for the round.

40: Portals: FFA: Special - The portals work the same as level 35. However your units that you start with are based on how many wins you had from previous games. You also start with a Pandaren Brewmaster. This guy is special, though. He gains Attributes based on how many kills you had up to that point. This is important to understand, as it will influence how you fight FFA's. If you are constantly hiding, then take the win, you won't have many attribute points on your panda. Also, the panda has Avatar instead of Storm, Earth, Fire. Finally, and very important, this match determines the winner of the game.

Doom Clock

In addition to the special rounds, I have added a "doom clock". Once this clock runs down, all units still in combat will begin to take damage. The amount of damage is this function which is subject to change, if deemed necessary: - not likely

(100 + (round X 20)) / Food Used

The primary function of this is to make the rounds go shorter. Before I implemented this clock, games were taking up 1 1/2 hours, yet I had only created up to round 28 or so. Now, the game usually gets over in slightly less than that much time, with all 40 rounds. However, after creating the initial clock (which was something like 20 damage/second regardless of other stuff), I realized that there was a serious problem. Whichever units had the most hit points would almost always win, once the clock started damaging. You could have a Kodo running in circles around 10 footmen waiting for them to all die because of the clock. Now, with this formula, that Kodo will be taking 5x the damage of those footmen. Also, the reason for the round increase, is because the army sizes increase with each round.
It's important to note, however, that on rounds 35 and 40, the doom clock simply teleports everybody left to the center. However, by the time the doom clock kicks in, there shouldn't be too armies left, if any.

Any needed changes?

Yes, unfortunately, there are two known bugs that need to be removed.... One is big, but doesn't get noticed until the last round. Anytime a unit is killed by the computer, for some reason it credits that kill to player one. This means that player one's panda is very powerful at the end. - Fixed

The other bug is minor, but I don't know what caused it to happen. Basically, some of the comp's units became neutral during level 35. It could have been a fluke, but I'm keeping an eye on it. - Working on this heavily; it's a tough cookie

The last half of the rounds needs some balancing as well. No huge balance issues, but some small ones. - Won't touch this until other bug is fixed

Special Commands

Type "-wins" to display the wins leaderboard (default).
Type "-kills" to display the kills leaderboard.
Player 1 only
Type "kill comp #" to kill the selected comp (ex. "kill comp 5" kills the 5th computer).
Type "-doom" to kill all units on the board. ONLY USE IF GAME STOPS!!!! People will get VERY angry if you abuse.


Version 1.18

This page was last updated on October 23, 2003