Our current Men and Power:

Men:  298      Power:  1299

w/ abilities: QUICK & STUBBORN

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The Brothers of Justice strive for the better good for Dragon Court.  We do not endorse hacking even if used only for your enjoyment of the game.  The leaders of this clan would like to let all fellow clan members know of their profession of Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior of their lives.  If you would like to know how to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, please click here.  While this is not a prerequisite for membership, all clan leadership will be influenced from this perspective.

We welcome any and all non-hackers of Dragon Court to come and join this loyal clan to help enhance your enjoyment of the game.  We will give as much advice as we can and will be given whenever possible.  Join today and reap the benefits of joining.  Send a note with your current equipment and what area you like to fight in, and we will give you better equipment as our supplies allow.

Need cash for ranking, or strategies to do so?  Join our clan, and receive plenty.

Want to meet some of our members?  We have clan meetings every Friday night at 7:00 PST (10:00 EST).  Stop by and check us out.

Join today! You will receive friendship and welcomeness from your Christian Leaders:

StriderV, Bizarro, and acewolverine

They will do their best to help you out.

So, this is the Brothers of Justice. Apply for membership today!


We also have the following people involved in helping our clan run on a daily basis.  The following people have their names and positions listed.  If you are currently a member of Brothers of Justice and would like to fill a position, or will soon be a member, please contact us and let us know how you feel.  We recruit from within.

Peasant Helper:  Night Queen (our active voice and presence in the Peasants Forum)
Assistant: Night King

Friend of Nobles:  Deltan2 (our official representative to the Congress of Nobles)
Assistant: Zian

Lord/Lady of the House:  Angelhawke (our positive influence in the House of Lords)
Assistant: 12434

Recruiters:  Lady Madonna, jargus, and onimaru (our advertising experts in the Clan Hall)

Giveaway Administrator:  Princess Kandy (our giver of gifts to the masses)
Assistant: Dunen

Armourer:  oneeyedchicken (our clan equipper.  Send requests here)
Assistant: oneeye

Contest Supervisor:  Noble Wolf (our person to keep contests up and running)
Assistant: Infernus

Ambassador:  N/A (our spokesman to other clans)

Hacker Patrol:  Eliminater (striving to clean up DC)

Forum Moderator:  Magi_37 (keeping our forums a nice place to be)

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