8/11/2001 - We need more people to vote on our alliances! We currently have 5 alliances offered to us, but we can not make an official acceptance or rejection unless we get a 5% participation on the alliance poll. Please go to our forum and agree or disagree to the various alliances. Thank you!

8/11/2001 - A new position is open on the leadership team. "Forum Moderator". This person would have two responsibilities. One: keep our forum/chat room in good working condition. Two: lead forum giveaways which we (the leadership) are trying to implement. If you are interested in this position, please contact StriderV through e-mail (DC mail works as well, but it is much slower).

8/11/2001 - Noble Wolf has need of an assistant. If you are interested in helping out with our clan contest, please let him know. Either DC-mail him, or e-mail him (his e-mail address can be found on the contest page).